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As to repair a washroom by yourself?

10th October 2012 | рубрика Bathroom design Refurbishing flats

If we take the overhaul of toilets in the Khrushchev, we must To wishlist that this landmark outline includes not only the toilet, and a bath with a sink. It is from these considerations, and determined the indispensable list of operations. The sequence of rehabilitation combined sanuzlaNachinaem renovation lavatory with their own hand by removing [...]

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What is the perfect restroom?

10th October 2012 Refurbishing flats

Of course, every woman wants to represent, rightly, imagine the perfect repair in the lavatory. And, by the way, seriously come up, may even schedule the way, will be settled tile. And all because the mattresses Kiev has yet bought and now it is indispensable to clean up the washroom. Alone for about reason, most [...]

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Repair Lavatory – Building Services

9th October 2012 Refurbishing flats

A variety of development service provided by office companies to maintenance bathroom and toilets, allow you to choose the optimal set of works to get a goodness effect. Renovations of bathrooms and toilets want be based on the request for arrangement of wet areas, according to your wishes to the functional characteristics of the object [...]

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Running repair the bathroom Step By Step

5th October 2012 Refurbishing flats

How you know, break – not to build, the soul does not hurt. Ax, hammer, saw, a small determination – and the old santehkabiny from which previously removed tub, sink, toilet, in front turns into a pile of debris. The apartments, which tend to have standard aqueduct cabin decking glued to the cement screed asphalt [...]

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So to design their own restroom?

28th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

When a new project or overhaul of old bathroom want weigh what to expect from the washroom, with the ergonomics, functionality and practicality. Bathroom, great or small, is, above all, for the daily hygiene, wash, bathing and showering. Future assignment lavatory in small apartment, washing and drying clothes. Often, part of the lavatory is a [...]

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Repair in the bathroom kamnate

11th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

Restroom Turn Key: select the solution for the inside repair starting in the bathroom turnkey, each person has one goal: to create the placement comfortable, functional and nice. How can just select the look bathroom? What need focus its attention? What we will discuss in this article. By choosing the look for the bathroom, the [...]

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Most maintenance begins with a toilet and lavatory.

10th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

Start repairs in the rooms. For those who select to do with their hands, two big pluses. The first is the cost savings. The second is a rewarding experience and skills. Most renovation begins with a lavatory and restroom. For further setup of water conduit needs perfectly apartment wood floor. This may be achieved with [...]

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Restroom stone. Design project Bathroom

8th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

Let’s say you enjoy conceived to create renovation in the lavatory on their own. To start you need to styling the project. In this article, house design tips represent the bathroom of the rooms. Bathroom is no less important in the cottage than a cook room and bedroom, as this rooms, we start our lives, [...]

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Run apartment renovations, you can change the placing of restroom walls

7th September 2012 Refurbishing flats

Our limited offer – redecoration of rooms from 900 rubles per square meter. Meter Overhaul apartments more expensive than cosmetic tools repair how this overhaul is to change completely the whole interior styling apartment turnkey and of course however a effect you get a grade repair flats. Major repair can be trusted only spice in [...]

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